Buy & Sell

Selectively collected data and resource will ensure our success on bidding on live & online auction or even in traditional real estate market. Property usually sold in higher dollar amount within the closed network community.


Safebox works with top development affiliated companies for large-scale flips. It is the easiest, most passive, and highly profitable practice that helps us remain at the top of the market.


We offer a quick remodel and upgradation of property for a quick return. This helps to regenerate and rehabilitate troubled communities. Safebox has successfully made over 1,000 flips since its establishment.

Cash Advance

At Safebox, we push the asset to the right place. We provide potentially profitable opportunities to small business for proper purchases for greater profits.


Investors who decided to purchase the property after the renovation will have the first opportunity to purchase. Affiliated mortgage company can provide easy loan at great rate to purchase.

Asset Based Lending

Businesses need money to buy more merchandise to build more business. The Safebox ensures small businesses to borrow money based on their assets and merchandise.

Expansion of Investment Opportunity

We expand the investment opportunities for our customers, sponsors and affiliates. Retail investors can obtain these ample real estate investments opportunities with real small funds at Safebox, we prioritize investment opportunities of completed properties on the Off-Market for flipping investors.


With a Safebox investment, we reduce the risk of loss from a possible sudden change in the regional real estate market by expending the field of business.

At Safebox, we create additional profit through specialize, systematic management of renovations and remodels with an internal team and affiliates


Safebox is the haven of safe investment solution. We secure the stability of the return an investment by distributing the risk of loss by developing several investment products simultanously.

This helps us minimize principal investment loss by converting to rental real estate. Hence we create a stable return through rental income.